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BetaVector solves data problems with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

From advising leaders at General Electric and Guardian Life Insurance, to speaking about the theory and practice of modern data techniques in hundreds of classrooms, conferences and private events, to founding our own data product startups, our expertise develops teams’ capabilities and data products to produce impactful outputs.

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Our Services

We advise, educate, and build.

BetaVector advises.
We advise on building out data teams and on implementing data product development best practices.

BetaVector educates.
We educate on a wide variety of techniques – from the introductory to the cutting-edge. We regularly engage in private corporate settings and often speak at events like PyData, Open Data Science Conferences, and the Joint Statistical Meetings.

BetaVector builds.
We build data products from scratch, create proof-of-concepts, and iterate on existing products. We emphasize reproducibility and interpretability.

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